Biographies - Interesting to Me


The way biographies are researched, and the style of some authors really make the real stories of these individuals interesting. I prefer biographies about business leaders, world leaders and presidents of the United States. One biographical author, Ron Chernow is fantastic because of his efforts to find information about George Washington above and beyond the typical historic details. Everything about his style encourages me to keep reading, his vocabulary, his topics of the subject's life, the injection of his perspective and details - never too long or too erudite... all of it is great for my tastes. The same holds true for my feelings about Edmund Morris and Robert Caro.

So today I am currently reading:

Washington: A Life - Ron Chernow
The Power Broker - Robert A Caro
Steve Jobs - Walter Isaacson
Einstein His Life and Universe - Walter Isaacson

Each one of these books helps me garner the experiences of these great men, and sparks my interest in learning about history, human nature, societies that have come and gone as well great people who have everyday problems. 

Fiction, especially the early English literature of Geoffrey Chaucer and Shakespeare, portends the problems in the modern day society. These older authors show the very same human nature and issues humans struggled with then, and still apply today. It can be said that simply reading several times over, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and the major plays by William Shakespeare, will prepare you for dealing with the world and all the people in it. While it seems silly to read about these "archaic" stories, these authors describe people, their actions, their decisions and moral compasses perfectly, and apply to every circumstance and situation today. These literary volumes completely encapsulate the entire limited mindset of humanity.

The events and challenges that each of these men are faced with are the exact same lessons found in the great English Literature books of Shakespear and Chaucer.

I gain huge insights into stepping outside of myself and into the shoes of other effective and great leaders. Everytime I read their stories, I feel like I learn more myself.


Sun Protection - What I use and Why SunBum is GREAT!

Since I have been in the sub-tropic sun more these days, I have decided to wear suncreen regularly. The options are too much to chose from without an educated decision, and I was looking for the differences between those that are rated highly and those that may be toxic to put on the skin. I did a personal survey looking for the safest and best sun protective lotions.

My requirements were to find something "Made in the USA", ran by a socially responsible company who love what they do, and product quality consistency. The data can be confusing, by design, both from the scientific "studies" that deem them dangerous, and the marketing divisions of companies that produce the products.

After a long review of the negative and positive reviews in Amazon, and the reported experiences by swimmers and surfers, I came up with a short list of viable candidates. The brands I chose were
Sun Bum
I have been impressed with the products from each company. All performed as advertised. I prefer the 'sports' variety, that can allow you to sweat and still be confident that it will stay on the skin without re-applying them.
Several months after I purchased them, I opened up my first attempt at Sun Bum, which turned out to have a very rancid scent. (Rancidity can happen in oils, both for external use and for cooking). Beauty creams and foods that have 'gone rancid' have a very distinct smell - like that of cardboard. You can detect that scent and flavor in certain expired foods that have oils in them, or oil preserved foods, like trail mixes.
I called the customer service line at SunBum their help was amazing. Sue Fletcher answered the phone and was very kind, completely understood the issue and immediately sent me replacements.
I love this company, and I wanted to give them "props" on my blog for both their great products and their great customer service. Thanks Sun Bum!  I will be buying more.
If you want to try their stuff, consider visiting their website to find out where to buy locally or on line. Catch up with them when they are in your area, by following their pinterest account and Instagram account!

Randomness of Grocery Store Checkout Lines

Most times when I am in the grocery store line, I wonder how many people around the world check out with the exact same items? 

I know that most of the things I buy are unique in today's economy.  I am mostly healthy in what I eat, and this divides me from most people in most states. I am watchful of high saturated fats, transfats, palm kernel oil, cotton seed oil, lard, and pretty much all hydrogenated fats.  I don't eat red meat, I will not buy products with lots of salt, nor products that contain massive quantities sugar or preservatives.

I am completely comfortable with my dietary decisions and I am not sanctamonious about my health to anyone. But I still wonder, "How many people actually buy the stuff I have purchased today, no less, no more?"



Anthony Bourdain Interview - Girl On Guy 48

Aisha Tyler is a comedian, for those of you that are under rocks. She was the voice of Lana Kane, in the animated series Archer. She has been in and around Hollywood for years, including occasional host of Talk Soup.  She is quick witted, and has a personality which can carry an interview with celebrities. Knowing this, she stated this Girl on Guy podcast. 

The May 2012 podcast was with Anthony Bourdain. I hve written before about him. I find him honest and very interesting. Probably no one else on televsion today is as well traveled - OK maybe the host from River Monsters, but that doesn't count - and as articulate. His turn of phrase intrigues me when I watch his now discontinued show on the Travel Channel, No Reservations. 

If you have any interest what so ever, please download and listen to this podacst , obtained directly from AIsha's website archives or directly from the podcast section of iTunes.